We live in a beautiful world. 

UFO Observatory, Hooper, Colorado. 

The owner says that 25+ psychics have confirmed that there is two vortexes in this offering garden, which brings great energy and a way to the 4th dimension. It is also said that positive things, even miracles may happen to people who stand in these vortexes and bring good energy. 
Let’s just say it was an interesting visit. :)

Zapatta Falls.

High Dune

I’m so glad I’ve come to know you. 

Me in my native habitat. 

Baby Blue Eyes. 


Chicago Lakes, Idaho Springs/Mount Evans, Colorado. 

Taylor Reservoir, Colorado. 

Climbing up to Turner Peak :) 

Cottonwood Pass, Mount Harvard, La Plata, etc. :) 

Cottonwood Pass, Colorado 2013